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We are participating in Giving Tuesday on November 29th, to raise funds for our scholarships. Donations may be given from now until the end of the day on November 29th. We hope you will participate to support our Botetourt students! In support of our workforce of tomorrow, the Chamber each year awards three scholarships to graduating seniors: one each from James River and Lord Botetourt High School and at the Botetourt Technical Education Center. For the year 2023, we are extending our scholarship recipients to four, to include a fine art scholarship that will be awarded to a very special individual seeking to pursue a future in the arts. Each recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship paid directly to the institution they are attending at the beginning of the school year.

Education and Workforce Development is one of the Chamber's five areas of focus. The Chamber supports the educational development of the County's workforce involving businesses at all levels of education. Building the talent supply pipeline by working with public schools K-12, local colleges and institutions of higher education ensures that students are able to graduate with the skills that employers are looking for in the next generation of new hires. Applications may be submitted in the spring to our updated scholarship website.


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