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Vision Partner
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Dec 31st
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The Vision Partner program provides a unique opportunity among the annual sponsorship programs of the Botetourt Chamber of Commerce. It allows the Sponsor to demonstrate their commitment to a critical initiative area of the Chamber's vision to promote excellence in Botetourt. Vision Partners help the Chamber tackle several key aspects of the larger goal of making Botetourt County a preferred community in which to live and do business. The areas of vision guide the Chamber to achieve concrete results regarding business growth, business education, advocacy, community and economic development, and philanthropic efforts in the community. These accomplishments permeate every area of the community's day-to-day activities, making Botetourt County a great place to Live, work, and visit!

Business Growth  (workforce development)Partner- This partner is focused on the educational  development of the community's workforce.  This partner aligns with the Chamber initiatives that involve business at all levels of education; working with public schools K-12, local colleges and community colleges, technical training programs, and other entities that ensure that students will graduate or learn the skills that employers are looking for in their next generation of new hires or inter-company advancement.

Business Education- This partner is committed to supporting the business growth in Botetourt County and the region. Their partnership investment allows the Chamber to focus on making decisions locally with community interests in mind. They support the Chamber's efforts to provide member businesses with networking opportunities, business education seminars, and other resources in support of business growth. 

Advocacy- The Chamber works with the Botetourt Business Community to have a strong unified voice for advocacy issues that affect Botetourt business growth and local and regional economic development. This partner supports advocacy for businesses large and small to ensure that we have the capacity to be heard and work collaboratively with our local government, community leaders, and elected representatives. 

Community and Economic Development- The Chamber knows first-hand that a strong and robust economy for business enriches all members of the community. This vision partner works with businesses, community organizations, and the Chamber to recognize needs, and to develop strategies to create or identify job opportunities to create/support a robust economic environment. 

Philanthropic Efforts- Scholarship, Quality of Life, and outreach programs through the Chamber are member-driven and reflect a desire on behalf of the business community to build a local culture of giving back and fostering a healthy community through preservation and utilization of our assets in building a stronger Botetourt Community. 

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